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I'm Alison Neathey, a freelance web content editor, trading as Stuff and Content.

Unbelievably, I've now spent over a quarter of a century in design and publishing (both web and print). A big chunk of that time has been with The Graphics Company (TGC), a design co-operative which I founded with friends and is still going strong.

My job at TGC was web projects manager and information designer. An enormous part of my work seemed to be managing, editing and re-purposing content - something I enjoy. One day I thought 'there's another business in this', and here I am...

So what have I got to offer?

I edit and re-write text with the aim of creating user-friendly copy, optimise images and PDFs, and add audio/visual material. I won't forget about metadata, title and alt texts. I can write well-structured XHTML (and enough CSS to get by), use DreamWeaver and versioning software, and find my way round most Content Management Systems (CMS).

I've a passion for accessibility, usability and information architecture, as well as a lot of practical experience, so you can be confident that everything I do will compliment and even enhance your website design.

Give me a mass of diverse information to organise and structure and I'm in my element. I'll go places other editors fear to tread!

And I'm a pretty useful member of any web team - someone who will get on with their own bit unaided, dovetail with others, fill in some gaps, and generally add to the pot.

Read on, if you're interested in hiring me as a freelance web editor or content developer, or get in touch.

Neathey family kids with the word 'me' above me.

The less famous four (circa 1967)