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Web content editing with a design eye view

Stuff and Content is me, Alison Neathey. I'm a freelance online web editor with a broad background in web design, and a particular interest in accessibility and user experience.


All the stuff in your website – text, images, audio-visual files, downloadable documents, forms, tags, metadata etc.

I've got two services to offer...

Content development – looking for someone to whip your new website into shape? I'll create order out of chaos and get that content in place, on time.

Website updating – when you need some extra help; or I can look after your site on a regular basis.

Stuff and Content is dedicated to...

  • Web editors who can't get half the time they want to keep their site up-to-date
  • Marketing and communications staff who need a side-kick for web projects
  • Small organisations who have an elephant in the corner that they call their website
  • Web design agencies who find they're spending more time fiddling about with content than designing their next pride and joy.

Contact me or bookmark this page in case of future crisis.

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